Benefits of Green Tea

Use of green tea

Do you drink green tea? If you are trying to improve your health or drop a few pounds, this ‘super-energetic-drink’ deserves your full attention.

Green tea is known among one of the healthiest beverage on the planet. That is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that keep the body fit and healthy in many ways that are listed below in the article. Green tea was originated in China, and then it’s production was started in many countries. Mainly in Asia, the consumption of green tea is more. It is made from Camellia sinensis leaves that have not undergone the same withering and oxidation process used to make oolong and black tea. There will be several types and brands although the plant source is just the same.


5 Main Benefits Of Green Tea


1. Weight loss (Reduce Your Appetite)

Does green tea really burn fat, and will drinking green tea help you lose more weight? As per few studies, I found that green tea help in increasing metabolism thus helping the immune system in converting food (fuel) into energy. So, that solid form of food is not left or else it has a significant effect in increment of body weight, waist circumference, and abdominal fat. Regular green tea is comprised of 99.9% of water and as we know water helps the body in digestion, absorption, circulation, transportation of nutrients, etc.

However, some studies also suggest that significant increases in weight loss with green tea are also possible if we take it with a grain of salt. This is the main and popular reason green tea is famous around the world

2. Heart disease

Studies show that green tea works on the coating or as a protective layer for blood vessels, helping keep them stay relaxed and better able to hold out changes in blood pressure. It may also protect against the formation of clots, which are the primary cause of heart attacks.

In recent times, high blood pressure or increase in cholesterol levels, heart disease, and stroke, are the biggest causes of death in the world. Thus this types and nutrition found in green tea are beneficial for metabolic and cardiovascular health.

3. Healthy teeth

Green tea has the nutrition that can kill bacteria, which helps to improves dental health and lowers your risk of infection. The other nutrition present in green tea also has other biological effects as well that inhibit viruses like the influenza virus, potentially lowering your risk of infections. Studies show that the catechins in green tea can inhibit the growth of Streptococcus mutans. It also helps to reduce bad breath.

4. Skincare

Green tea can apparently also help with wrinkles and the signs of aging, This is because of their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities. Both animal and human studies have demonstrated that green tea applied topically can reduce sun damage.

5. Brain function

Ingredient present in green tea can improve brain function and make you smarter. One of the main ingredients present is caffeine, it doesn’t contain as much as coffee does but is useful enough to prevent memory loss. It does more than just to keep you awake, it can also make you smarter. In the brain it blocks an inhibitory neurotransmitter called Adenosine. This does help to improve the functioning of the brain and does help to retrieve the information present in Brain.

Best time to intake Green Tea?


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